FestFoto Brazil 2022 Call for Entry



The experience of living in individual bubbles as a description of the human presence on the planet has always been pertinent and the massive incorporation of communication technologies has only expanded and given greater visibility to this experience.

This model was fundamental to the construction of the idea of ​​a human being separated from nature and triggered the disconnection process that we see and feel today. Technological networks have disconnected the natural networks that connect us.

The first pandemic of the 21st century brought an update to the observation of the bubble and its various meanings and forced us to review what kind of individuality we have been cultivating for thousands of years. Insecurity in the face of the unknown reinforced the ancestral desire for control – even if illusory – over the maintenance of life.

In domestic trenches of different hues, we nurture strategies to build predictable conditions, capable of keeping our own ecosystem protected and functioning. In this dystopia, the imposition of confinement forced the invention of new ways to feel and populate distances, creating a Terrarium of possible reconnections. What images result from this self-cultivation? We want to see your images cultivated in isolation for global change.

With the theme Terrarium, the FestFoto Brazil 2022 Call is open to all photographers from all over the world and receives entries in two categories:
Multimedia – Video presentation of an authorial exhibition with a maximum duration of 3 minutes.
Portfolio category with a maximum of 15 images.
A jury made up of international curators will select 20 finalists from the two categories and will be shown in the Free Photogram Exhibition at FestFoto 2022, which will occupy one floor and three galleries of the Iberê Camargo Foundation. Of the 20 finalists, one winner will be defined in Multimedia Category and one winner in the Portfolio Category. The two winners will receive as a prize, a Free Passport to participate in the International Platform for Portfolio Reviews 2022. The top 10 winners will have their work reviewed on the FestFoto website throughout 2022.

During the selection process, we will also be exhibiting on our website, a gallery with entries that caught the attention of our jury. The FestFoto 2022 Call maintains a partnership with the LensCulture platform, one of the largest online destinations in the world for the discovery and dissemination of contemporary photography with a global audience of more than 2 million people. During the registration process you will be invited to use the LensCulture platform to register for the FestFoto 2022 Call.

Registrations – NEW DEADLINE: APRIL 30TH/2022

To start the application process for the FestFoto Brazil 2022 Call, you must be registered and enter the FestFoto website. To Register/Login use the menu on the left. If you are already registered and logged in, the button/link to the LensCulture platform appears below on the right.
ATTENTION: The button link to LensCulture does not appear if you are not registered and logged in to the FestFoto website.
Before going to the LensCulture platform carefully read the Rules of Call by clicking on the button below on the left.
When you log into LensCulture you will be asked to open a free account. If you already have an account on LensCulture, you will be directed to the registration page. Choose one of the two categories and follow the instructions. In the Portfolio Category you must submit a maximum of 15 images. In the Multimedia Category you must inform the link to the video hosted on Youtube. Registration is only completed after the registration fee has been paid.
Deadline is April 30, 2022. Application fee is $20.00. The result will be announced in April and the selected works will be exhibited during FestFoto, from August 5th to 21st, 2022.

Welcome to the FestFoto 2022 Call.

Sinara Sandri
Co-Founder and
Director of FestFoto


Eustáquio Neves
Photographer and video artist. Diamantina/MG


Ruy Prata
Founder of the Imago Lisboa photography festival, of which he is artistic director


Steven Evans -USA
Executive Director
FotoFest – Houston


Jim Casper
USA – Holland

Editor-in-Chef and
Co-Founder of



Daniel Sosa

Director of CDF


Masha Goldman
Director and co-founder
of PhotoVisa, Krasnodar-Russia


Isabel Gouvea


Marcia Melo

Indenpendent Curator