FestFoto Brazil 2023 open call

Applications are open for the FestFoto 2023 Call for Proposals. With the theme “Free Frame”, meaning a free theme, about any subject or any language. We want to know and see what you are producing and what visual reflections are being generated in your creative process. Entries will be accepted until May 21st and can

Digital FestFoto

Over the past fourteen years, FestFoto Porto Alegre, in Brazil, has created space for Brazilian and international photographic

FestFoto Brazil 2022 Open Call

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Video-exhibitions by the following photographers: Madame Pagu (Italy): 3 x 4, Márcia Charnizon (Brazil): HUNTING THE WORDS 14. FestFoto – International Festival of Photography of Porto Alegre


Video-exhibitions by the following photographers: Mateus Morbeck (Brazil): NEMO NON VIDET, José Roberto Bassul (Brazil): URBE, Flavio Edreira


Video-exhibitions by the following photographers: Ana Sabiá (Brazil): PATIENCE GAME, Sonia Do Couto Corrêa (Brazil): THE PAIN OF PANDEMIC PANDEMIA, Bruno Alencastro (Brazil) and collective of authors: OBS.CU.RA, Igor Cavalcante (Brazil): NO DAY WILL BE EQUAL TO ANOTHER 14. FestFoto – International Festival of Photography of Porto Alegre


Video-exhibitions by the following photographers: Thiago Guimarães Azevedo (Brazil): WHERE DREAMS HIDE, Valeria Sacchetti (Italy): JOURNEY TO THE LOWLANDS, Nathalie Bohm (Brazil): VOICE OF SILENCE,  Tommaso Vitiello (Italy): ARCHÈO, Ulla von Czekus (Brazil): SURROUNDINGS, Helena Siemsen Giestas (Brazil): BROKEN, Mateus Morbeck (Brazil): GUARDIANS 14. FestFoto – International Festival of Photography of Porto Alegre

Archives and Contamination

Video exhibition by the following authors: Fernanda Chemale (Brazil): MEMORY DIARY, Renata Saad (Brazil): WOMEN IN PINK AND BLUE,Laura Aidar (Brazil): CROSSING AND CONSTELLATION, Marina Guitti (Brazil): EMERGIR 14. FestFoto – International Festival of Photography of Porto Alegre

FestFoto Brazil Call 2021 announces the TOP 20 finalists

Thiago Guimarães Azevedo, from Belém/Brazil, with the work “Where dreams hide,” is the winner of the Portfolio Category.Madame Pagu, from São Paulo based in Italy, with the work 3 x 4, is the winner of the Multimedia Category. Both win the Free Passport prize for the FestFoto Brazil 2021 Portfolio Reviews. See the list of

FestFoto Brazil 2021 Call for Entry

Registrations are now open for the FestFoto Brazil 2021 Call with the theme Photography and Silence – Listening Clouds.Registration is until January 10, 2021. For more information and registration, access the link in the menu on the left side.

Emergencies: from Personal to Universal

The video exhibition presents the works about the theme Emergencies: from Personal to Universal, where artists develop particular

(IN)Visible Emergencies in Protests in Latin America

The social, cultural and political emergencies of societies in the countries of the southern cone: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador and Bolivia throughout 2019. Curated by Cora Gamarnick, faces that have always visited tourist postcards and created the imaginary from this part of the planet they now appear in protests and confrontations with the State

Tupinamba Territory

The photographer from Rio de Janeiro, Zeca Linhares, researches the change in the lush landscape of Rio de Janeiro since the arrival of Europeans and the result that this arrival caused: the decimation of the original peoples – The Tupinambá – as well as the original vegetation, replaced by species brought by the model colonial.

Republic of bananas

Several events around the globe seem to have put us in a state of suspension from reality. Logic is no longer the root of speeches, campaigns or worldviews. Many arguments distort or simplify realities that involve the sustainable development of this planet, the movement of vulnerable populations and many other topics that should be discussed

The Mountain Message

In state of Minas Gerais, southeast of Brazil, it is not uncommon for a mountain to send some kind of message and the people who live among mountain ranges have their essence ingrained in their culture and are able to hear. Brazilian singer and song writer José Miguel Wisnik, in his recent book Machining of