From Diaspora: Identity Hybridism Difference


FestFoto Brazil 2019 – From Diaspora: Identity, Hybridism, Difference 

The term diaspora defines the migratory movement of peoples – usually forced and sometimes traumatic. From the biblical narrative of the exodus of the Hebrews, led by Moses, to the current wave of migration, where people of the so-called “global south” place mobility as a global demand, there is the diaspora. 
The UNHCR – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – estimates that every three seconds, a person is forced to leave home somewhere in the world. The number gives dimension to the theme and exposes the areas of contact brought about by these new sharing experiences. Contemporary exiles cross daily and reopen past to weave new possibilities of narrative before old identities.
With the title Diaspora: Identity, Hybridism, Difference, the 12th edition of the International Photography Festival of Porto Alegre proposes a program focused on the reflection on the current migratory flows and the legacies of colonialism, besides presenting works related to social and cultural displacements, undertaken collectively or individually. 
Understood as a plural language that, through its various artistic and social uses, is crossed by different areas of creation and knowledge, photography is presented here as a powerful tool for the exercise of critical thinking and dialogue. 
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