FestFoto Brazil 2020 Call for Entry

Global South Emergencies

Emergency [s.f.] State of what emerges. Appearance, emergence
FestFoto 2020 will bring to the debate the economic, social and environmental relations that occur in the so-called global south – a region without precise geographical boundaries marked by sharing a condition of the emergence of possibilities.
Registration begins December 1, 2019.
With the title “Emergencies of the Global South”, FestFoto’s 13th edition proposes a programming focused on contemporary visual reflection on the processes that throughout history has limited visibility and the exercise of citizenship and the emergence of movements that claim the opening up new possibilities for the construction and exercise of social, economic, environmental and cultural rights.
The FestFoto Brazil Call is open to all photographers from all over the world. Twenty finalists will be selected and the winner will be awarded with an individual exhibition in one of the FestFoto 2020 Galleries at the Ibere Camargo Foundation. The top 10 finalists will have their work published and reviewed on the FestFoto Blog throughout 2020. During the selection process we will also be exhibiting on our website a gallery of entries that caught the attention of our jury.
The FestFoto Brazil  2020 Call maintains a partnership with the LensCulture platform, one of the world’s largest online destinations for the discovery and dissemination of contemporary photography with a global audience of over 2 million people. You are welcome to use the LensCulture platform to register for the FestFoto 2020 Call.
The deadline is January 31, 2020 and portfolio entries with up to 20 images will be accepted. The registration fee is US$ 30.00.
The selected works will be exhibited during FestFoto, March 27-31, 2020. To subscribe read the rules by clicking the Rules button and then clicking the REGISTER LensCulture button. Good luck!

Daniel Sosa – Uruguai
Director of  CDF
Centro de Fotografia de

Daniel Sosa Debenedetti

Uruguayan born in 1971, photographer Daniel Sosa was one of the creators of the Photography Center in Montevideo, where he has been director since 2002. Institution dedicated to the diffusion of photography in Latin America, the center maintains a collection of more than 100,000 historical photographs of the period between 1840 and 1990, and more than 30,000 contemporary images from 1990 to the present day. One of the editors of the magazine Sueños de la Razão, he permanently coordinates six exhibition halls where he works with contemporary photographers from Uruguay and other countries are exposed. It also produces a weekly television program, f / 22, dedicated to the reflection and promotion of photography. The CdF organizes the International Photography Festival "MUFF" over a period of three years, of which Daniel Sosa is the director.

Sinara Sandri – Brazil
Co-Coordinator of FestFoto Porto Alegre, in Brazil

Sinara Sandri

Journalist, History Specialist (UFF), Master in History (UFRGS), PhD in Communication and Information (UFRGS). Co-Founder and coordinator of FestFoto and coordinates the  International Portfolio Reviews Platform of  FestFoto since 2015.
Coordinated the team that developed the project of the Palacinho Cultural Center - Photo Library of Rio Grande do Sul.
Has research related to photography and urban reform, with a Case on the work of the Italian photographer Virgílio Calegari.
She is a contributor to OF Magazine, FestFoto's online magazine.
Interested in themes such as urban landscapes, environment and photojournalism.

Gwen Lee – Singapore
Director of the International Photography Festival of

Gwen Lee

Since 2008, Gwen has curated and organized numerous photography exhibitions in Singapore and abroad. In 2014, she curated Flux: Contemporary Photography of China at the Art Science Museum. In 2016, she organized a special exhibition of photo albums with Steidl at DECK and a solo exhibition of Daido Moriyama at DECK. She reviews regularly on professional development for photographers and serves as a jury and portfolio reviewer in Asia and Europe.

Irina Chmyreva – Russia
Co-founder and art director of PhotoVisa International Festival of Photography in Krasnodar region, Russia.

Irina Chmyreva

Since 2008, she is co-founder and art director of the PhotoVisa International Festival of Photography in the Krasnodar region, Russia. In 2019, she received the Curator Excellence Award from the Pingyao International Photography Festival in China.
She is the author of three-volume Russian chapters (1900-1939; 1940-1969 and 1970-2000) on the history of European photography of the twentieth century. She is the author and co-author of several books on the history of Russian photography; her latest book Collection of essays on the history of Russian photography was published in 2016.

Patricia Veloso/Brazil 
Director of Galeria Imagem Brasil. Creator of the photo festivals Encontros de Agosto and VerboVer, in Fortaleza.

Patricia Veloso

She has been working in the photography segment since 1985 as a cultural producer, curator and editor. Founded and manages the companies Terra da Luz Publishing and Image Brazil Gallery in Fortaleza, northeast o Brazil.

She was the creator and director of the Encontros de Agosto Festival, an initiative held in Fortaleza / CE from 2011 to 2017, with the main objective of promoting Ceará photography and exchange with contemporary Brazilian and international production.

In 2018, it continues this program with a new proposal, the Ver Ver Festival of Photography, expanding partnerships and intensifying circulation and training actions. Participated in selection committees at national and international festivals.

Jim Casper/Amsterdan

Editor-in-chief of 


Jim Casper

Jim Casper is editor-in-chief and co-founder of LensCulture, one of the leading online destination for contemporary photography broadcasting around the world. As an active member of the contemporary photography world, Casper organizes annual international photography events, travels around the world to meet photographers and review their portfolios, curate art exhibitions, writes about photography and culture, lectures, conducts workshops, serves as a jury international and nominator for major awards, and is an adviser to arts and education organizations. He is on the board of SPE, the Society for Photo Education, the world's largest association of photography educators.
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